amanda. (mandi_lee) wrote,

Well Hey, Happy Birthday!

I am Twenty Three today, and I'm pretty sure Twenty Three is going to be a good year for me.  Twenty Two left me with a lot of potential, so I'm excited to see what this year will bring.  I am moving out next month in a lovely area, but we'll see if I get the apartment I want.. but I might sadly make too much money to live there.  So bizzare saying that, but exciting too.  I've been given a promotion at my job, and only after two months!  So I'm happy to say I'm doing very well, and I hope to be running MAC one day!  It's best to aim high, I think.  In five years time I hope to be moving out to LA to pursue my artistry skills in movies, televison or whatever else will have me!
Things just keep getting better and I surely hope they stay that way.  We all deserve to be happy!

Happy Birthday to me!
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