amanda. (mandi_lee) wrote,

Seattle is in just ten more days.  We've been planning this for what seems like forever and it's almost here.  I don't know if I should plan or just play it by ear.  I won't get anxious until we're on the plane.  I'm affraid I may be too prepared, and I'm more affraid that my roommate isn't enough.  I'm always a good friend to lean on when it comes to any kind of situation, I just sometimes wish people wouldn't lean so much. 
I can only hope that it'll be worth it, I can only hope that it will be fair.  I don't need another reason to be stressed, it's a vacation so hopfully it'll play out that way. 

I have a feeling that I'll never want to leave, and I have a feeling she'll want to leave early.  I shouldn't expect much because it hardly ever pans out that way. 

I'm just ready for a change, and maybe it's a change I can make alone.
It's always easier when someone is by your side guiding you through it.
I just need to know which one I need more of; money or my sanity. 

At any rate I'm excited.. It's my first time up there, and I'm spending it looking for places to live.

Seattle or bust.
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