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blah blah blah [Monday,
November 16th 2009 @ 1:43]

My week to look forward to..

Tuesday off
day trip to Portland on Wednesday
and my family coming on Sunday for a week!

Can you believe it, I've been in Seattle for 6 months!

however, living here has made me realize how annoyingly in love I am with Denver, Colorado.

I'm coming home for two days in December for Christmas.. I expect snow, and lots of it. Mostly I expect hugs, and lots of them. I miss the familiarity of CO and the friendly faces of strangers, rather than the furrowed brows of the coffee dwellers. Gray skies make people incredinly neurotic, I am having fun buying different colored umbrellas though, up next: RAINBOOTS!

July 2nd 2008 @ 4:12]
I was so tired a few hours ago, and then my mind just starts up.  Now it's past 5am and I can see the light coming through my blinds.  I should run up to the roof and watch the sunrise hitting downtown.  I should, but I won't, I still don't understand why I'm up still.
I started reading my entires, and other friends entries, too.  I can't believe how much has changed in a span of four years.

May 29th 2008 @ 9:13]
When excited for something the days seem to pass by quickly, or slowly.. really like any other day.  But as each day passes you become so excited for the next. 
After spending several days in Seattle I've finally returned home.  After nine days off of work I'm kind of excited to go back to work.  I'm sure I'll be over it within the first few hours, but I had a good break so I hope that I'll be welcome back and appreciated.

As for Seattle, I loved it, love it, and want to go back as soon as possible.  It is unlike any city I've ever visited, and was so rich with culture, and color.  You walk down the street and no two people are alike.

I stayed in a hostel in downtown Seattle, which made some people quite uneasy.  It was fantastic, and I don't see why I would ever pay more for a hotel room.  It was right across the street from the fish market, and in the heart of the city. 
The city had these incredible hills, and every time you went down them you were in another part of the city.  Each part had it's own name, our favorite being named Belltown.  Each with it's own little quirk, and it's own clique of people.  Hipsters run rampant in this town, as I couldn't look around without seeing tattoos and tight pants.  It was a little too much at times...
If you walked far enough down these hills you got to the pier where the Puget Sound is.  Off in the distance were these beautiful mountains, and this tiny island where some lucky people get to live. It was such a beautiful, incredible city.  Everything was so clean, and green and the air was fresh and pure. 

Before exploring the Seattle center my wallet was stolen.  I was in shock, and incredibly scared.  I didn't know how it could have happened, and I couldn't believe it happened to me in a foreign place.  I asked the people around if they had seen what had happened to it, no one knew a thing.  I left a number with someone, with a plea for help.  There was really nothing he could do for me. 
As I was about to cancel my debit card, I got a call saying to come back.  The man I left my number with rewatched his tapes, over and over until he made out a face.  He went outside and searched for the man.  He was standing close by.  He demanded he gave the wallet back, the man said he didn't know what he was talking about.  He fought with him until finally  he gave it back. 
I must have some amazing luck.

We drove to several beaches, and different lakes, but we figured since we were so close, we should just go to the ocean.  I've never really seen the ocean, as I've only ever lived in places surrounded by mountains. 
I ran into the freezing cold water and splashed around, my clothes completely soaked, but I didn't care.  People having bonfires, flying kites and just having a great time.  We watched the sunset on the beach, and I can't even describe it. 

We ended the trip going to Sasquatch, a music festival out in the middle of nowhere.  It was a nice end, and a nice taste of music that the city seems to bring. 

I want to move, and soon.. I just wish it didn't take so long to up and go. 

I think I might move alone.. I don't know, but Seattle or bust. 

May 20th 2008 @ 12:36]
fuck blogging, live journal is where it's at..

oh, and I'm excited for Seattle, only two more days!

May 12th 2008 @ 1:41]
Seattle is in just ten more days.  We've been planning this for what seems like forever and it's almost here.  I don't know if I should plan or just play it by ear.  I won't get anxious until we're on the plane.  I'm affraid I may be too prepared, and I'm more affraid that my roommate isn't enough.  I'm always a good friend to lean on when it comes to any kind of situation, I just sometimes wish people wouldn't lean so much. 
I can only hope that it'll be worth it, I can only hope that it will be fair.  I don't need another reason to be stressed, it's a vacation so hopfully it'll play out that way. 

I have a feeling that I'll never want to leave, and I have a feeling she'll want to leave early.  I shouldn't expect much because it hardly ever pans out that way. 

I'm just ready for a change, and maybe it's a change I can make alone.
It's always easier when someone is by your side guiding you through it.
I just need to know which one I need more of; money or my sanity. 

At any rate I'm excited.. It's my first time up there, and I'm spending it looking for places to live.

Seattle or bust.

February 20th 2008 @ 3:45]
I sang karoke for the first time in my life tonight..

I'm just happy that it was The Beatles. 

Well Hey, Happy Birthday! [Tuesday,
March 20th 2007 @ 1:45]
I am Twenty Three today, and I'm pretty sure Twenty Three is going to be a good year for me.  Twenty Two left me with a lot of potential, so I'm excited to see what this year will bring.  I am moving out next month in a lovely area, but we'll see if I get the apartment I want.. but I might sadly make too much money to live there.  So bizzare saying that, but exciting too.  I've been given a promotion at my job, and only after two months!  So I'm happy to say I'm doing very well, and I hope to be running MAC one day!  It's best to aim high, I think.  In five years time I hope to be moving out to LA to pursue my artistry skills in movies, televison or whatever else will have me!
Things just keep getting better and I surely hope they stay that way.  We all deserve to be happy!

Happy Birthday to me!

February 2nd 2007 @ 12:35]
Pan's Labyrinth is amazing, go see it!
I've seen so many crap movies lately, but this one definitely is not one of them.

November 15th 2003 @ 5:03]

This amazing artist e-mailed me and asked if he could draw me.. he did this one and one other thats at his art school.. isn't it amazing? yes I think it is

February 12th 2003 @ 5:36]
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